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NPCA gains Weigel's and Pak-A-Sak as new merchant partners
Posted by NPCA News | 05.16.2013 |

National Payment Card Association is pleased to announce that Weigal's and Pak-A-Sak conveniance stores are our new merchant partners.

Weigel's Press Release || Weigel’s Adds Payment To Their Rewards Program.   
Powell, Tennessee. May 2013. Weigel’s Rewards Card program is being enhanced and expanded. Current Rewards Members can now turn their rewards card into a payment card and reap additional benefits. When Members link their reward card to their checking account, they earn a $.10 discount on every gallon of fuel they buy--every time they make a purchase.

“We originally started the Weigel’s program as a Milk Loyalty Program. Over time it has grown into a much more robust loyalty program,” said Ken McMullen, President of Weigel’s. “Now we are adding even more benefit to our Members with the Payment Card. “

By partnering with National Payment Card Association, who provides the payment side of the program, Weigel’s is able to greatly reduce their overall swipe fees related to processing payments. As such, they are turning around and giving that savings back to their customers in the form of a $.10 instant price discount. Everyone wins! In order to add the payment program to an existing Weigel’s Reward Card, consumers simply enroll their current rewards card for payment online at Weigels. Weigel’s is a family own chain of 62 c-stores in the Knoxville, Tennessee area.

“National Payment Card continues to expand our merchant branded debit card programs across the country. We are pleased to able to have a company such as Weigel’s see the incredible value that is derived from our program”, said Joe Randazza, President and CEO of National Payment Card Association.

Pak-A-Sak Press Release || Pak A Sak of Amarillo Texas Launches A Merchant Branded Debit Card.  
Amarillo, Texas.

May 2013. Pak A Sak Convenience Stores is the owner of 20 C-store / Petroleum locations in the panhandle of Texas. They have started their own debit card program branded as Pak Pay. Consumers receive $.10 off on every gallon of fuel they purchase using the card. They also receive $.10 cents off on any fountain drink when they pay using their Pak Pay Card. National Payment Card Association provides the technology and tool set that retailers need in order to operate their own card program. Retailers can use the tools to be as creative as they want relative to how they choose to structure the rewards they give their cardholders.

C-store retailers are seeking ways to drive consumers into their stores. So in addition to driving customers to the pump with a $.10 cent per gallon discount, Pak A Sak hopes to create a second visit inside the store by offering discounted fountain drinks.

“Many of our retailer partners stop at offering a price rollback at the pump,” said Joe Randazza, President and CEO of National Payment Card. “We are excited to see that Pak A Sak is leveraging their debit card program to bring customers inside the store for an additional purchase.”

Tanner McKee, VP of Information Systems at Pak A Sak stated “We know the value of a loyal customer relationship and having our own Merchant Branded Debit Card will add stickiness to the relationship. We started seeing very good adoption right away.”

Merchant branded debit card loyalty programs are very efficient because they are self-funding loyalty programs. Retailers pay a fixed $.15 transaction fee instead of much higher swipe fees for bank issued payment card products. They use the swipe fee savings to help fund their rewards.